Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I'm Okay.

If I had opened this crumpled heart of mine
So much would've spilled out I was afraid to find
It's still hard to express the vastness of the gap she left
It's still hard to digest the harsh reality of life's theft
Life in its constant yet complex state of going (nowhere?)
My strength slowly going after 13 years of
Switching gears
If I could fight my fears
Well, all I could throw is a fist full of tears
And I don't mean to sound depressed
It's just been long since she left
This world

This physical natural realm
Sometimes I just really need to vent but I'm fine, I really am
They say tears cleanse the soul...whether sad... :( or happy... :)
Overwhelmed with a sweet love that rained so heavily
All I could do was stagger wearily to my feet
A long-lost smile on my face basking in the peace that surrounded me
And the world still hurts me
People disappoint me but I guess it's alright
The sun always shines (",)
And all these days will be nothing but stories to tell her when I get there
Diary entry number infinity
She is still so sorely missed
These bruises slowly fade but the memories remain
The world may change but our God is still the same, right?
Strength is my mother
(For all the love she gave)
And many mornings when I wake, I look back at our yesterdays
And I'm okay (",)

Songs of a Lady Samsonite ~ Written in 2010.

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