Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Heaven On Earth.

Seasons greetings! :)

My apologies for a very long absence. After much trial and tribulation, I have decided that I am going to release one of my former glory poems in my large volt of #throwback poems, for each chapter in Songs of a Lady Samsonite. I clearly had a lot to express back then, and with history repeating itself in certain aspects of my soundtrack, it's only fitting that I delve deep and bring out something that still feels relevant to me.

I wrote this particular one a very long time ago, in juniour high school to be more frank, so excuse some of the rough edges and the cheesiness. :) 

"The greatest science in the world is heaven, and on earth it's love..." - Mother Theresa.

Once upon a time 
I fell from the sky 
Clouds passing by 
Fell through time, nearly lost my mind 
Lost my cloud base, everything I'd known 
And wondered the face of the earth alone 
Unfamiliar with loneliness, heart ache and pain 
Depression became my second name 
A fallen angel with a tainted face 
I lost my shine when I fell from grace 
True love was clearly hard to find 
But something about you spelled "one of a kind" 
Humility struck me like nothing before 
You have no halo, you wear no glow 
But how can this be? 
A mortal so sweet 
Without wings, you sweep me off my feet 
Yet humbly and gently you made me whole 
One touch of your hand and I turned to gold!
My earthly angel, you gave me life 
My robes pure white, darkness is light 
My heart is at ease, restoration of peace 
And love now abides in me 
I smile in my soul, 
You took away my hurt 
You made heaven a place on earth 
Now I soar like a beautiful bird 
For you made heaven a place on earth.

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