Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Black Thoughts

Graffiti scars under a sky of dust
Faint associations with guilt, pride & lust
A life of complications, a quest to find my soul
I took a journey through creation, in the hopes of being whole
Black thoughts they infiltrate me, white garments though I wear 
By day embracing darkness, dark faces they may stare
These dreams no longer scare me, my skin no longer bleeds
I hunger for eternity, this life is but a seed
I'm in search of deeper meaning, in search of where to start,
Verbally emancipated through poetry and art
A covenant with destiny, a contract for my soul
This journey through creation will surely make me whole
Creativity's just flowing, I know not what I say
Though evolution of my spirit shall bring me brighter days
I may be in my caged state but one day I will fly
Spreading my wings in proud possession of the sky

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