Sunday, 18 March 2018

Dear Crush

A gem from my fourteen-year-old self...  in the spirit of Untitled Chronicles...

"Naturally" by DaCre8veOne

My friends had to get used to
Me uttering your name
Every minute of every hour
Every hour of every day

But every day that passes by
Every tear that I cry
You are always on my mind
And it hurts so much inside

That you hardly noticed me
Before I was up in your face
But all I am is hopelessly
And mindlessly in love

Every other guy but you
Seems interested in me
Is it cause I haven't noticed
Or am I utterly crazy

Or is it cause you're big headed
Engulfed in your own pride
Too busy in your own little world
To meet these tearful eyes

But thinking of you keeps me going
When the going gets tough
Cause all I am in hopelessly
And mindlessly in love

The pages of my diary
Are littered with your name
And the case is just the same
Right up in my brain

My dear crush you're the apple
Of these tear-stained eyes
The harmony to my symphony
The meaning in my smile

The perspective in my painting
The sugar in my tea
The colour in my sketches
The designs on my jeans

My hope for the future
Is to one day see you through
See the contents of your heart
You will always be my boo

With lots of love...
You Know Who.

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